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The problem with fairy tales is that they set a girl up for disappointment.
In real life, the Prince goes off with the wrong Princess.

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I saw a hot guy today.......
I had to get camp shirts from this woman's house because im going to be a volunteer counselor
and she wasnt home but her 14 year old son was so i got the shirts from him
and i found out he was going to be a counselor too

So my sister decided she was going to stop the TV show my family was watching
so she could show us this bag in a commercial that she thought was exactly like hers.....it wasnt exactly like hers....she wasted my time

north west better have a report card that says
“North West has problems following directions”

I hate when guys are like "Periods arent that bad..."
I'm sorry, i didn't know you have had one before, please
continue to tell me how they arent bad while i sit here and
take notes..

My dream one day is to make enough money to remake the movie twilight so that everything is exactly the same except Edward Cullen is played by Kanye West and Kanye west doesn't have a script and isn't even aware of what the plot of the movie is, he's just kanye west reacting to twilight in real time.

"Your skin is plae white and cold"
"B.itch I'm black what are you on?"


I went to see Monsters University in theaters and i was so excited to see it because i grew up watching Monsters Inc and i was eager to hear they came out with a prequel
And i walk into the theater and i see this really hot guy, maybe 14 i dunno, and yeah that's all i got, he was really hot.......and....i will never see him ever again....
................................my life sucks

You create the biggest of Mountains
out of the tiniest of Mole Hills


Now imagine your
family, friends,
loved ones, knowing
you lie beneth this
stone at such a
young age

Imagine how much
it would kill them
to know they didn't
know you were in so
much pain


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