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I'm  Ashley!
I just turned 18 and I'm from MN :/
I am TAKEN by a very wonderful man :)
I love to snowmobile and play softball!
Hunting & fishing <3
Partying is what I do best! (;
You could say I'm a country girl :)
I love my friends!
Sorry I'm borrriinnnnngggg!
umm..read my quotes? (:
The music down there are just some faves.

 ENJOY! (:



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Quotes by burtonchick13

You text him, he doesn't
  Text back. he was obviously
so excited that you texted

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The people who know the least
About you, always have
The most to say. 


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Um, honey...
 there's a differance between
orange & brown.

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Him: Hey!
Her: Heyy

-10 min. pass and still no reply-
Who else HATES this?! 


T a k i n g  a  t e s t  a n d

 and thinking

'when the hell did we learn this?!'

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Why do girls run from the

guys who try to make them

happy, and fight for the

   ones that make them cry?               

                                                                        {BECAUSE WE'RE SCARED}


High School

Taught me not to

Trust anyone.

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It's gotta be the crunkest!

    It's gotta be the loudest!