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heyy- my names savannah most ppl call me savvy...im a freshman in high school *supposed to be sophmore i heart my boyfriend Tim oh so much--the quote i live by...REAL EYES; REALIZE; REAL LIES.< mine... im a nice person unless someone pisses me off then you'll hear about it nd if i dont like someone i tell them right from the start im not the type of person to be fake nd act like i like someone when i really don't- hmmm i dunno what else to say. www.xanga.com/oh_me_goshx3 ^ my xanga--leave me comments www.myspace.com/x3savvy_mariex3 ^myspace--ask to be my friend um yeah...if youu wanna kno n e thing else im me mmmk! --peace im out

Quotes by but__ihearthim

i dont get it....how can u love someone so much. nd hate them at the same time<//3
a best friend can see you walk in a room with a smile on your face and still know something is wrong
you really never kno what you have until its [G][O][N][E]
Guys are like stars you can wish on everyone...
but only one will make all you wishes come true!
he said he loved me more than anything and he never wanted to lose me... if it was true how could he just go and break my heart after he promised he wouldn't over and over again!
i cant stand just being his friend. i love him more than life<//3
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