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Quotes by moolie_poolie*

Why is it that i do something wrong and everyone hates me?
Why is it that music understands me and is always there for me when you aren't?
Why is it that im the one who doesnt get to eat lunch with my old friends and sit by them and its always you that gets to?
Why is it that i cant be pretty enough?
Why is it that i lose everyone?
Why is it that i cant be perfect?
Why is it that i cant be skinny?
Why is it that when you do something wrong its okay but if i do something wrong i get kicked away from everyone?
Why is it that...
Nevermind i know why now.
Beautiful things never last </3
When you have no idea what

Someone's going through

What gives you the right to judge


Why do people always|
Why do people always leave me?
Why do people always put me down?
Why do people always talk over me? 
Why do people always let me down?
Why do people always take advantage of me?
Why do people always use me?
Why do people always lie to me?
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Its funny how people change..
You go out looking, day after day, wondering if anyone is even interested in what you have to say.
When you have today you should say all that you have to say <3
Dear haters,
I couldn't help but notice that 'awesome' ends with 'me' and 'ugly' starts with 'u'.

" If One day Speed kills me ,

Do not cry,

   Because I was Smiling."

                                     - Paul Walker
"Wrists are for bracelets, not for cutting." - Kellin Quinn
"It's always darkest just before the dawn, so stay
awake with me, let's prove them wrong."
- Rise Against
"They say that love is forever.
Your forever is all that I need." - Sleeping With Sirens
"She's just a beautiful girl with the weight of the
world on her shoulders." - Asking Alexandria
"What's so good about picking up the pieces?" - Pierce the Veil
"But in the darkest times, you find out
what you're made of." - For All Those Sleeping