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Quotes by josie*

when i die
don't come to my grave

and sit there for hours
telling me how much you miss me
and love me
because those are the things
i wanted to hear
when i still could
do you remember when you were a child
and you thought that when you
became a teenager
when you became older,
you would party every night
until 4am

its quite ironic
because little did you know
that at 4am
you'd be hysterically crying
debating whether to take your life
or not

There's like a million different ways to say 

"i love you":

'put your seat belt on'

'watch your step'

'get some rest'

You've just got to listen

"Do you regret it?" Yes

"Would you do it again?" Probably

"The only thing

standing between you

and your goal

is the bullshit story

you keep telling

yourself as to why

you can't achieve it"

if you haven't noticed
the scars on my hips
or the fake smile on my lips
or the forced laugh that i've adopted
or the way i don't care,
about the things i used to love.
Then don't you dare stand
at my grave and cry.

How can you cry for someone
that you don't even know?

You tell people you're ok

and they believe it

Oblivious to your pain

until they are dressed in all black

standing in the rain

"You're scared to tell people
how much your hurting, because
you don't want to hurt them?"
format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

 You're very good at a game,

that i don't want to play
I don't want to
kill your happiness
with my sadness
so I'll keep my distance
because what i say is not what i
think and how i act is not
how i feel and i am lost
in a sea of self expression
because i am not who i want
to be
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