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Quotes by josie*

You know what?
Yes, I have changed.

I'm not as nice as I used to be,
because i don't want to get used or
walked over.

I don't trust anyone and tell them my secrets,
because behind every fake smile is a backstabber.

I distance myself from people because in the end,
they're only going to leave. 

I have changed because i have realised that i'm the only person
I can depend on.

sending your selfies to NASA because you're a star
knock knock

whose there?

well definately not my parents

because they don't knock


Suicide    Hotlines-

United Kingdom 0857-90-90-90
United States 1-800-273-8255
Canada 514-723-4000
Australia  1-800-817-569
China 852-2382-000
Italy 06-7045-4444
Mexico 525-510-2550
New Zealand 4-473-9739
Ireland 1850-60-90-90
Brazil 21-233-9191
Guatemala 502-252-1259
Portugal 239-72-10-10
Russia 8-20-222-82-10


Isn't it wierd to think that if you were raised differently,
if you lived somewhere else, if you said yes to that
boy that asked you out last year, or if you played
a different sport, your life would be completely
different? One little thing, one little choice can
change your entire life.
It stings
in the shower
and the sad part
is you know exactly
what i'm talking about
"I wonder if killing yourself is the only thing you can control in your entire life, and thats why its a sin.
Because you're beating God at his own game"

-Pete Wentz

I'm jealous of the people who can
say that they are comfortable with
who they are because it took me
forever to be where i am now and
i'm not even happy


January 1st 1999

My birthday.

This day last year i was writing a quote about how

shocked and suprised i was that i had survived a

whole year more.


I just want to take a minute to say thank you

for how grateful i am to you all for being

such genuine, kind, beautiful and amazing people.

I hope you have a wonderful 2014

and thank you for everything that

anyone of you might have done for me,

I love each and everyone of you.


(c) LouisTomlinsonFacts
I'd just like to point out that telling someone they're

too skinny and must 'eat a burger and put some

meat on those bones' is just as rude as telling

someone they're fat and must go on a diet

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