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Love is  

Even Snow White has to

eat her poison apple

before her prince came

to her.

I don't have a dirty mind... I have a sexy imagination.

Someone: One day,there's going to be a guy
Who's going to love you , your body, your smile
They way you walk , the way you talk , the way you laugh.
He's going to love you and you are going to feel confident
and on top of the world
One day , you won't feel insecure.
Your day is coming,
I promise.

Me: But what happens when he slips through your fingers...?
not my format, bottom part is my quote [just responding to it.]

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Is anyone else tired of hearing
in the comments on your profile,
"Hey beautiful..."
someone goes and asks you to do something?


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I just don't understand


i miss you.
i miss having my best friend.
someone i told everything too.
i miss walking down the halls,
hand in hand, giggling, smiling. being happy.
i was constantly at your house,
you were constantly at mine.
my family quickly became yours,
and yours quickly became mine.
you'd come over crying,
and there'd be no questions asked
except, "sleepover?"
i'd come over being pushed
through the doorway by one of my parents,
and you protected me and told them to leave.
i remember the long nights we stayed awake
and just dreamed about the future.
how you'd be there on my wedding day
as my maid of honor and i'd be yours.
i remember discussing our crushes
and making up nicknames for all of them.
i remember the stupid fights we rarely had,
which ended up in us both crying and hugging.
i just miss everything about our old friendship.
the memories, the laughs, the inside jokes, everything.
i don't know if i should even try to take you back
after everything you put me through in the end.
the bullying, the harsh words, the judging, the fighting.
i'm scared that if i do take you back,
it'll never be the way it was
& i don't think i can live with that.
I miss you anna...


The fear of not being good enough



-In a relationship? Yess(:
-One thing you want most? Things to be better for the people i love, I wish your life was easier.
-Your hair color? Blonde

-Favorite class? Math...
-Favorite teacher? ....i dunno....
-Have a lot of people changed or do they act differently? WAYY TO MANY!

-Was there a lot of drama this year? Yesss
-Make any friends? Yeahh(:
-Lose any friends? mhhmm:/

One day, your life is going to flash before your

eyes. Make sure its worth watching...


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