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i'm just your average teenage girl, not much to it.
- music
- best friends
- family
- texting
- sophomore
- facebook
- making new friends
- WITTY <3

Quotes by caaameronleo

& i love when he randomly calls me
and tells me how excited he is to     
hear my voice after such a long day.




20 Confessions in 20 Days;
20 - why are you writing this?

At first, it was just something to do, like a daily routine. But then, it got a deeper meaning to me. I feel like when I die, not just this daily challenge, but Witty itself will become my journal. I think that's how everyone on Witty feels. It's like telling your deepest darkest secrets to absolute strangers that you'll probably never talk to or meet. But you feel relieved that at least one person knows all about you, whether it be from the quotes you create or the quotes you favorite. Someone knows how you're feeling everyday. And at least one of them actually understands what you're going through. Witty was once just a site I went to to get Facebook statuses. But now, it's a place I go to see if there's anyone I can relate to or help. I try my hardest to be there for everyone. If I see that someone hates their life and just can't deal with it anymore, I'll comment and tell them they're beautiful and young and shouldn't waste away a precious life like theirs. It's become more of an obsession than anything to be on here. It's a lifestyle. It's a way to connect with people from around the world through one little address link. It's truly amazing. And if I had the chance to meet every one of you girls and boys, believe me, I would take that chance in a heartbeat and when I met you, I'd tell you you're beautiful. And don't let anyone EVER tell you otherwise, because they'd be lying. You're you, and that's all you're ever gonna be. So live it up. It's your life. Do what you want with it. Don't let other people tell you what to do. I believe in you. 

i hate when i see a really good quote
and i want to favorite it,

but then i notice that something isn't spelled right,
so i don't want to favorite it anymore.

i'm pulling an all-nighter even though i have school tomorrow.
r e b e l ?
oh yeah.

i wish one of my quotes could be
the top quote for a day.

let's face it.
you should be doing something important,

but you're on witty


not my format .