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kevin he/they in love, but never loved back.

Quotes by cactusmikey

you said you liked storms, so i let you in. turns out, you can only handle a little rain. and i am a hurricane.
when i die,
don't you dare
come to my grave
and tell me
you love me.

because those words
were the only thing
i would have needed
to stay.

it's sad really that the only reason i haven't killed myself yet is because i don't want to hurt anyone but the reason i want to kill myself is because everyone is hurting me.
fake smile,
dried eyes,
scratched wrists,
bruised thighs.

white pills.
rope tied,
gun loaded,
you touched me and suddenly i was a lilac sky and you decided purple wasn't for you.
she talks about you like you put the stars in the sky.
you were my air, my sun, my moon, my stars, my universe. i was nothing but a background noise of a song stuck on repeat to you.
that girl in your class,
she laughs.
she has a smile
that lights up the entire room.
that girl in your class,
she has great grades,
she doesn't even have to try.
that girl in your class,
has seemingly amazing friends,
that care about her.
that girl in your class,
she has scars;
lines marking her body
and friends that don't notice
and some that don't care.
that girl in your class,
doesn't remember
what it's like not to cry.
she cries herself to sleep
every night.
but hey, at least she smiles.
so she's okay,
not killing myself is a personal achievement but you can't really brag about that at dinner parties.
i thought the pain would end with you, but little did i know it was just starting.