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Believe. Pray. Hope. Love. Smile.

&it's a sad picture, the final blow hits ya, somebody else gets what you wanted agan. You know it's all the same, another time and place, repeating history & you're getiin' sick of it.
But I believe in anything you do, & I'll do anything to see it through,
Because these things will change.



    \hazel eyes, red hair

bestfriends my life: s.t.w; j.m.c; s.c.k. <3

                                                                                                                                  falls too fast, too easily/


T A Y L O R S W I F T ` T H E H U N G E R G A M E S ` W I N T E R ` E D S H E E R A N ` T E X T I N G ` 2 M I N U T E N O O D L E S
` N E V E R S H O U T N E V E R `  M A C K L E M O R E & R Y A N L E W I S ` C U T E C O U S I N S ` G U I T A R ` P A R A M O R E
` S P A R K L E S ` E Y E L I N E R ` J O S H H U T C H E R S O N `M A R I A N A S T R E N C H `

Quotes by caitiecatforever

Just close your eyes, the sun is going down
you'll be alright,

no one can hurt you now.


In another life
  I would be your girl. 

We'd keep all our promises,
  Be us against the world. 

 Now i'm standing alone in a crowded room, & we're not speaking.
and I'm
dying to know, is it killing you, like it's killing me?


 because that girl you wish you could be,

therwas this time;
                    when i had confidence.
when i was fearless.
when i felt i could trust everyone i know,
& it was easy to love.
when i could believe in anything,
                                      because nothing was difficult.

therwas this time;
when i was young
and free
and happy.

                                                                                                                                                           -Beautiful by MercyMe

 You built up a world of magic,
because your real life is tragic.

do you feel like a man when you

                     push her around?


do you feel better now, as she

           falls to the ground ?


"Life Is Not About
    Finding Yourself,


                                      Life Is About

                                     Creating Yourself."

this is what 

Living like this 



& maybe one day, when i tell someone that "I'm okay"
I'll actually believe it myself.


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