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I'm so addicted to, all the things you do...

Hello there. My name is Caitlin, if you haven't figured it out by my account name. 

I like music: Panic! At The Disco, Falling in Reverse, Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil,
One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Saving Abel, Matchbox Twenty, Parachute, Eminem, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry,
Gavin Degraw, One Republic, Miley Cyrus and much, much more.

I also like food: pizza, cheetos, and nutella. Kitkats and Skittles are also pretty amazing. 

I like YouTube, too: Troye Sivan, Danisnotonfire, MazziMaz, Janoskians, JoeSantagato, iiSuperwomanii, 
and O2L. (A LOT more, trust me...)

I'm 14 years old and in the 9th grade. I would be lying if I said I like high school, in fact- I've come to the conclusion that it's quite a miserable place in which I will never fit in, despite my obvious wit and sarcasm (ba dum tss).. I like to read and write... and use the internet, but I guess it's pretty obvious, too.

This is random but if I could be friends with any celebrity, I'd say Jennifer Lawrence because she's cool and down to earth and if I were to say a guy, it'd be Nicholas Hoult because he's perf. ( So is Troye Sivan, btw )

Here goes nothing...

{+} food, YouTube Videos, snow days, Fall, music, cream soda, cherry cola, the smell of vanilla, going
to the mall, New York City, cute guys, The Perks of Being A Wallflower, Logan Lerman, this font omg <3, 
long car rides, making people smile, making people laugh, laughing so hard that my stomach hurts, laughing
in general, answering questions with song lyrics, comedy movies, Wattpad

{-} waking up at 5 in the morning for school, oversleeping, swimming, moving in general (jk), when 
my favorite fictional characters die -_-, my handwriting, gym class, being forced to change
during gym class, the smell of gasoline, burning myself with a straightener, being social... 

If you have any questions, ask them below. 

If you read/write on wattpad, let me know; I'll check it out! :D
(Seeing as I have no clue how link things, I'll just give it to you here: I'll follow you back if you comment on my profile telling me you're from Witty. : )


Quotes by CaitlinAtTheDisco*

Me and my friend talking about the Janoskians
Friend: I always pronounced Beau correctly. (Bow)
Me: I used to call him Beau (Buew).
Friend: Wow, not a real fan...
Me: I based it off of how I pronounced beautiful. I don't go around saying bowtiful, now do I?

Introducing my children in the future...
Friend: Awe, what's your name? 
Me: We call her Lucy. 
Friend: Is it short for Lucille? 
Me: No, Lucifer. 

Friend: *cleaning under her bed*
Friend: *starts coughing because of dust*
Me: dun dun dun
Me: Another one bites the dust.

Guy: *pants sag*
People: swag yo

Me: *bra strap shows*

*purchases milkshake place*
Me: *names it The Yard*
*MIlkshakes by Kelis plays in the background*

After going up one flight of stairs
Me: I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing.

*donates your opinion to the goodwill*

Me: *talking about the type of music I like*
Guy: That music is terrible. 
Me: I understand that you're entitled to your own opinion..
Me: But you opinion is wrong...
Me: And for that, you must DIE!
Me: *drops pile of CDs onto his head.*

*donates fat to goodwill*

Me: *sigh*
Mom: lose the attitude. you're so ungrateful, omg.