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And There You Go Again
Just To Break Me
Like A Promise

hey there beautiful (: i'm caitlin:) nice to meet you (: now that you clicked on my user  here's a little about me, i love sports, my friends,the challenge of life,family, tumblr, music, and witty. i have been through alot the past couple months and im here if you need to vent. single forever cause i have major trust issues and nobody will ever like me. comment me your email if you need to vent and i'll give you my best advice :) everything will fall into place eventually so keep you confidence up, and your head higher :)hugs and kisseys lovess.  xoxoxo :*

Quotes by caitlinr424

See I'm just too scared.

To tell you the truth.

My heart,

It can't take anymore.
I've been giving out chances
 and all you do is let me down.

Do you ever feel like breaking down?
Thank you so much,
for hurting me.....
All the strength you need,
is inside you.

How many guys
                                                                                       are actually here on witty?

It's fine. 
I'm fine. 
Everything will be okay. 
I just need a break.
If you had one shot .
one opportunity .
to seize everything you ever wanted ,

one moment-
would you capture it?-
or let it slip?

un desastre. 

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standing outside my house.