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So why do people have always a need to make false testimonies?
BF: You always help me and know when Im fakking a smile, I truly owe you my hopee on life, and my real smiles.


Afraid, afraid to fall again everytime I fall I end the same way my heart is full of deceptions and hurt, I never forget always add. But maybe u will save me I truly don´t know what or how it could be but I won´t take my expectations high , will keep for the first time my feet on the ground , not that little girl anymore , so innocent that believed in everybody, without caring only loving. But I won´t promess a thing about forgetting cause I will keep my promesses forever.
How can someone with just a smile make you fall?
with an i love you make you fly?
talking to you make you smile?
leaving you make you cry?

It seems like superman.... but nouppp you make me do that and more with just a word... even though you don´t have a hint about it <3

Don´t let your past affect your present... but always remember there are always some what if that could come true... be careful 
 If I´d get a chocolate for everytime I think of you... I´d be rolling
 If you like me..tell me, if you miss it! & if you love me..prove it*

all fb...
There's always a little truth behind every "just kidding" ... A little knowledge behind every "I don't know ... A little emotion behind every "I don't care" and a little pain behind every "It's okay"... ♥

 If there´s something that I have sure learned is to never make illusions with something that u know will never happen cause if you do them you will only get heartbroken again and again :( </3