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Well, hi there! I see you've came across my profile and decided to read this to find out more about my crazy life. Well, my name is Carina. Most people just call me Nina. I'm 13 years young. I smash my face in the cake on December 30th. I am in love with music, Austin Mahone, One Direction, witty, tumblr (, basketball, texting, shopping and my hilarious, amazing friends. Speaking of friends, a lot of mine are here, on witty! Their usernames are, Abi: JustDreaming, Colleen: Colleen_Mary, and Lexie: LEXIExTAYLOR. Go and follow them! I'm really friendly and I love talking to everyone. Espically you! Comment something and we could become best friends! Hit the follow button and I swear I'll love you forever. I'll follow you back too!

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 mentally dating one direction

streaming down your face.
thing you can't replace.
but it goes to waste.
- fix you.
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That awkward moment
WheEminerapfastethayouinternet connection.


Whesay "I'lthink about it."

it really means, "I'll forget about it until you bring it up again."


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something and then relizing it was already in your hand.


A mornintext

doesn't just mean 'Good morning.'
It also means 'I think of you

when I wake up.'

If someone had a list of everything we ever googled, we'd all be screwed.

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Jusbecause I'm

nice to you doesn't mean I like you. It just means I'm not rude.           

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I laugh even harder when
    I'm trying to explain why I was laughing in the first place.