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Quotes by campbell

You will always be one of my faveorite memories

Im so sick of everyone hateing on girls who wear alot of makeup, calling them fake and gross. I wear makeup to cover up my acne, and because society tells me im ugly without it. The only way I ever feel pretty is when im coverd in pounds of makeup, im not trying to be fake.

I hate that i know your using me and I let you.

And I dont know how its possible for you to make me feel so whole and empty at the same time.

Im tired of missing you.

This cant be good the way I dream about your lips, but this just wasnt any kiss, I hope your still no over this.

Not skinny enough
Not pretty enough
Not popular enough
Not tan enough
Not smart enough

Crying your feelings dry.

When your world
is falling
apart around you
and your struggling just to hold on.