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Quotes by campbell

I hope she gives you herpes .

And for once just saying sorry wont cut it.

I love him. Hes confusing. Hes an idiot. Hes sarcastic, he makes fun of me. He makes me so frustrated and makes me forgive him after one text. He drives me crazy . I love him .

Who else loves when a guy waits to ask you out in person ?<3

That awkward moment
When your ex is hanging out with the guy that likes you and you like him backk.

I miss the way you laughed.
I miss the way you would playfully make fun of me.
I miss the way you looked at me.
I miss the way your cologne smelled.
I miss the way your touch would send electric currents through me.
I miss you.

Never go back to an old love
No matter how strong it is
Because its like reading a book over and over
When you already know how it ends.
-Wiz Khalifa

We can admire what we see
but we can only love what we truly know.

Its a little to late
I'm a little too gone
I'm a little too tired
Of just hanging on
-Wiz Khalifa

Single is not a status
Its a word that best describes
Those who are strong enough
To live and enjoy life
Without depending on others
- Wiz Khalifa

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