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My friends and I were talking to my 10 year old brother (were 16), My friend asked him, jokingly, if he was a virgin. He replied "are you joking?, i haven't even got my period yet." We could not stop laughing, it was the funniest thing we've ever heard.

Today, I decided to see what mylifeisjustinbieber is all about. One of the first posts I saw was "today i showed my grandma a pic of justin bieber. she sed who is that little girl ?? i pushed her down the stairs." Am I the only one who think these Justin Bieber fans might need a little help?

Today, i found out that there is a guy at my school who dresses like Harry potter at least twice a week. I asked him why he was dressed like a wizard and he responded "why are you dressed like a muggle?" I told him I was incognito. He tipped his wizard hat and said "your secret is safe with me."
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Today I was in Wal-Mart shopping for my six year old niece. as I was walking towards a Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus aisle, I noticed a girl, around four years old, holding on to a shelf screaming "I'm not going!" to her mother who was trying to get her into the aisle. At least I'm not the only one who does this.


Today a telemarketer called. I proceeded to sing him 'The Circle Of Life' from The Lion King, and 'Be Our Guest' from The Beauty and The Beast. He applauded me enthusiastically, but continued with his sale. I then sang the chorus of 'Baby' - Justin Beiber. He hung up on me.

Last night, my friends and I were on our way to applebee's when "dynamite" came on. We then rolled, down the windows, turned up the volume, and started dancing in the car. As we pulled up to the stop light, an elderly man in the car next to us stared at us quizically. When the light turned green, we both started to drive. As he passed us, he proceeded to roll down his windows and dance as well.

Today, my friend and I saw that they put a New Moon poster up in the girl's locker room. Last time they did this, we sabotaged it. They thought putting the poster behind a glass wall would stop us. We took a a piece of paper, wrote "WANTED, sparkly stalker who watches girls at night." on it and tore out a hole and put it on the wall with his head in the hole. They thought they could stop us.

I teach English in South Korea. Last week, I had my 7th graders play Apples to Apples. The adjective? Confused. The winning answer? Teenagers. Nice to know some things are universal.


Today in Physics, my professor was so concentrated on the problem she was working on the board, that we could basically yell and she would never know. My friend promptly opened the window and jumped out. After a 15 minute trip to Starbucks, he returned through the door with a frappichino. My professor never knew.


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Today, my 6 year old sister came home and said, "My friend says the singer of 'Baby' is a boy, not a girl. She's so silly, right?" Realizing that she was talking about Justin Bieber I replied, "He is a boy.." My sister immediately responds with "Nuh-uh!! She sings just like you!"