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I LOVE One Direction!! Directioner Forever<333
A little bit about me;; I do Soccer and Swimming. I love to wear fake glasses and be with my friends. Im bubbly, creative and I love writing! If you want to know more just Ask! Im always here if anyone needs to vent<3 No judging(: layout credit
It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow
I can't be perfect; but I can be me.
A little bit about me; I do Soccer & Swimming. I love to wear fake glasses & be with my friends. Im bubbly, creative & I love writing stories! I love trying new things and can get clingy, but I'm only looking for happiness. If you want to know more just Ask! Im always here if anyone needs to vent No judging(:
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Hey Everyone!! It would mean the world to me if you checked out my blog! I update on average twice a month. I write to escape and I have put so much thought into this blog sooo I think it is time to start spreading the word! THANK YOU!!! <3

Wouldn't it be great to have a friend that actually made you feel better instead of worse?

I'd really like that.
falling for someone who you cant have
is the worst heart break
yeah. Im the girl who dances to the end credits of disney and pixar movies and laugh about it.
A L L T H E S E W O R D S U N S A I D H O W D O I S A Y I T ?
I want to be able to be myself, without being scared. Please?
Guys: if a girl tells you she likes you, generally she has for a while. Give her a chance, dont just say shes creepy. A broken hearted girl isnt good for anyone and it hurts like hell. Girls: if it doesnt work out its okay, and at least you tried. Broken Hearts Suck.
The word please is so small, but can mean so much 

Please Read this, if Witty is still what I think it is, please. I need this. I need to not look at things and imagine how I could kill myself with it instead of going through my sadness, which sounds pathetic, maybe I am but please?

To be happy I need to lose Weight. My mom says there comes a part where you just get this motivation and you know you are "ready". I feel sad all the time I am always down and I look at my friends and wonder how they didn't get fat. I have tried to lose weight and I did well but then I just stopped. I don't know why I think i just got busy. I just need some motivation. I need my mom to not buy bad foods only buy good foods and if I don't want those I won't eat because I wouldn't be hungrey. I need motivation to exercise, someone to tell me WE are leaving to go to the gym in 10 minutes. Someone more assertive but I don't have that. So can you just tell me I am doing the right thing. be hard on me tell me I have to. Please? I need this to make me go, because I feel it now and I don't want this toever go away until I have reached my goal.
You Know where you just want to be good at something?
Your friends are all confident about themselves in something or actually good at something and your just effin you.
Today is just that day were I felt confident and I still didn't suceed and you know what life is hard and it sucks.
I just want to be good at something and suceed at something.