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Dear loves,
I am just like you
i smile
i cry
i laugh
i love
i hurt
i am beautiful, just like all of you out there.

       Formspring if you need to talk, if you need a friend, if you need to vent, if
       you have fears, secrets, hopes, or anything<3

the user stayingtruetome made a video that I absolutely love and think it's worth watching. so click the link below, my dears. :) Antibullying ♥



Quotes by cararoxx84

My friends: OMG we had so much fun, you shoulda been there!
Me: Inviting me would have helped...


How much do you love me?
Well look up at the stars and count them. That's how much I love you.
But it's day time...



"I set fire to the rain!"
Grandma, it storming outside, stop throwing firecrackers.


Maybe if I say it enough, I'll actually start to believe it...

Those days
fall to the
g r o u n d,
hoping and wishing
for a day to come
where you can finally say
        that you are truly 



Oh, you're talking about me behind my back?
Looks like you're in the perfect position to
kiss my a-s-s


I trip up the stairs,
Because tripping down them is just too mainstream


I find it rather awkward when
When you say something sarcastically...
and people don't realize that it's sarcasm...

&I'll never let you see it

But I break a little more
each day...

We both lie perfectly still

{In the dead of night}

- Although we both lie close together -

we feel miles apart inside