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i love how i'm making stuff for aim profiles when i use meebo. pfft.
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i'm kind of sort of in love with g a b e s a p o r t a. just fyi.


Quotes by cardboardhearttt

you're a hot mess and i'm
for you
and i'm like
HOT DAMN let me make you my boo,
cause you can
shake it shake it shakeit
yeah you know what to do, you're a
hot mess
and i'm loving it

g a b e  s a p o r t a
makes those
good girls
g b a d

-partial lyrics from good girls go bad c;

i heard you were
t r o u b l e

but i couldn't
r e s i s t
-good girls go bad by cobra starship

are those
s p a c e | p a n t s
that you're wearing?

because your butt looks
o u t | o f | t h i s | w o r l d

i just want to
u s e
your love tonight

i don't want to lose your

l o v e

-your love by the outfield
covered by midtown.

people don't
to see you at your
if they can't
accept you

at your w o r s t


g  a  e   s  a  o  r  a  ;
the great thing about him is that
he can be a complete
s l u t
and still make it look cool


g a b e s a p o r t a
can put his c o b r a in my s t a r s h i p



she's got her mind made up
that all she needs is
  o   v  e
-jimmy robbins<3

the best thing about
punk goes pop 2

is that you can listen to your favorite

guilty pleasures
without feeling
g u i l t y
because somehow
the songs don't sound like sh*t anymore