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Quotes by cardillo326

don't you hate it when a
quote says
"favorite if this or comment if that"

and you apply to the "comment" one
but you're just

                 too damn lazy

                       to do it?  

i see all these notes about girls who are totally wrapped up in this one guy
who refuses for whatever reason to love them back,
but i am personally here to tell all of you, that
it gets better.
eventually, it goes away.
i know, i know, you don't want it to go away, all you want is him
but once you allow yourself to get over him and to move the fudge on..
it gets easier.

then you start to see his [[flaws.]] you start to see how, he isn't perfect for you and you two just..
weren't meant to be.

and i know that's not something you wanted to hear, that you "weren't 
meant to be"
but eventually, that won't hurt anymore.
it'll actually be a relief.

it'll be okay. 
believe me..
i've been there.

i think, that if it really came down to it,

i   w o u l d n ' t   t a k e   h i m   b a c k .

[[ yes, i know i've been hung over him for so long ]]

but i think

that i wasn't really in love with him

i was just..

in love with love.


so, is anybody else supposed to be in school right now?

*reading through favorites*


>> This quote has been deleted. <<

oh, that's cool.




i see how much i matter..

so i was talking to my friends ex..

him: how is she?
me: good. do you miss her?
him: no. not really.
him: but i would hook up with her again just for fun. just saying.
me: douchheee

i see how much i matter..