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Hello Gorgeous and Handsome(:
I see you have stumbled apon my Profile on Witty:)
My name is Caroline as you can tell. i blow out the candles on the 10th of april!
When you say One, i say REPUBLIC not DIRECTION.
i love: bestfriends. witty. summer. dancemoms. books. pizza. icecream cones. pink stuff. pac sun. how i met your mother & fishes
i hate: pancakes. fake friends. fake laughs. obbsesed 1D girls. backstabbers. the "popular" groups. airplanes. &rainstorms.
ii've been here since april of 2011, and im here to stay. Witty is my home.♥
my bestfriends mean the world to me and i could never imagine not being with them
CURRENT STATUS: taken by the most perfect guy in the world, David♥(:
im on witty mostly everyday so feel free to talk to me whenever.
see the follow butten? yah i'd tap that(; follow for a follw :D


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If you unfollow me

I hope you get crocs for Christmas



Oh you hate me?
I guess someone's getting crocs this Christmas
from me.
Steve started following you. - 4:44 am December 6, 2012

omg. that just happened to me. life=made♥

The world can't end this year.
The Jonas Brothers went to the year 3000

What if your whole life was a dream
and once you woke up, you could start all over?

You're so cool.
Constipaited. Over-rated. Over-hated. Loser.

Have you ever just stoped and thought,
oh. so this is how things are supposed to turn out.

Aren't we supposed to die in a month
or is that cancelled?


Trying to finish a task
before the microwave hits 0:00.