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I'm that person standing awkwardly standing in the corner 

Quotes by Aggressive Butterfly *

  Don't you know that you're all that I think about?
You make up a half of the whole


 We're all just looking for love
to change the world


 And that's the thing about people
who mean everything they say.
They think everyone else does too.


  For you,
a thousand times over


  Just leave me alone.
I'm not myself,
I'm falling apart,
and I don't want you here.


 I don't know what worse:
to not know what you are and be happy,
or to become what you've always wanted to be,
and feel alone


 Far away, long ago
Glowing dim as an ember
Things my heart used to know
Things it yearns to remember


With the sun in my eyes she was gone
But if I were still ten
In that crowd of thousands
I'd find her again


How do you rid the Earth of humans?
Rid the human of their humanity


Some things you can never leave behind.
They don’t belong to the past.
They belong to you.