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I'm that person standing awkwardly standing in the corner
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Quotes by Aggressive Butterfly *

All of my life I spent searching the words
Of poets and saints and prophets and kings
And now at the end all I know that I’ve learned
Is that all that I know is I don’t know a thing


I promise
I’ll see you
on the other side


I hope you know
that you were worth it all along


I want to got to sleep forever
where there's a chance I dream
everything beautiful about you


I would've loved you
if we had more time


   For a couple of licks
you can get your fix and more,
pick any dream you want


   When you find an old picture of us,
and you clear away the dust
I hope you miss me sometimes


  I’m too busy trying not to be in love
with someone who isn’t real


  I try not to change,
but I keep changing in all these tiny ways.
And every time,
I have to reintroduce myself to the universe all over again.


  Don't you know that you're all that I think about?
You make up a half of the whole

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