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I'm that person standing awkwardly standing in the corner
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Quotes by Aggressive Butterfly *

You made me a promise once 
You told me you'd never give up on me 


And remember what it felt like
To be alone
Sitting in the sunlight
All alone


The water is warm
but it's sending me shivers


I know you’ve forgotten me
I know you so well my friend
I know you might just throw yourself over
But I won’t let you


All of my life I spent searching the words
Of poets and saints and prophets and kings
And now at the end all I know that I’ve learned
Is that all that I know is I don’t know a thing


I promise
I’ll see you
on the other side


I hope you know
that you were worth it all along


I want to got to sleep forever
where there's a chance I dream
everything beautiful about you


I would've loved you
if we had more time


   For a couple of licks
you can get your fix and more,
pick any dream you want

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