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I'm that person standing awkwardly standing in the corner
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Hey guys! So, I joined this when I was 12 years old. This is so crazy. Here I am deciding to log back onto this platform as a 23 year old! I am interested in sharing my life with you guys and for showing you how much I have improved with my writing. Not only that, my whole style of writing quotes has changed completely. As I got older, the way I write has more depth and meaning to it. Ten years later and here I am on this website that I was on when I was just a little girl. I'm surprised I remembered my username and password! 

I wrapped your love around me
Like a chain
But I never was afraid
That it would die
You can dance in a hurricane
But only if you're standing
In the eye

hi witty profiles. 
its me, ya girl. 
im an adult now and i married my high school boyfriend 
this site is so embarassing 

true story 

i still remember that day.

it was a cold november morning,

the sun still hidden behind the mountain tops.

screaming the words of our favorite songs,

wearing our hearts on our sleeves.

looking at you brought me this warm feeling,

like i was finally home again.

you hugged me, tight.

all i could think about in that moment

was how badly i wanted to kiss you.


i hate that you’re the one making

me question everything.

it wasn’t supposed to be like this,

but i can’t change it.

you’re making me feel so alive

and so scared all at the same time.


-these feelings came crashing against me like a tidal wave

You’re a sunflower
I think your love would be too much.

I had to get counselling from my mom
She’s a heartbreak teacher
Remember that time I put those pepperonis on your face
Made you a creature?
Now I think bout you every single time I eat pizza.

damn. i used to come on this website every single day for like three/four years. i was 11 when i first joined here and now im 18. i had forgotten about this website for a looooong time. the other day i had rediscovered by username and guessed a password until i was logged in. i just needed to KNOW. i dont understand. since that day i keep logging into here as if anyones going to post anything even though i know 90% of you have abandoned this website. its just so weird to have this access to a deep, forgotten part of my past and i almost dont know how to process it. although, im also known to overthink everything. i dont know man its just a weird thing going on in my mind. 
"People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every dayday."
-A. A. Milne
We have shared the ups and downs and learned how to communicate when we don’t even want to look at each other, we’ve had to overcome past demons and be each others rock more than a handful of times
ou are the one who I never want to go through life without. I am very thankful to have found someone to love me for me.i wouldn't trade you for the world. I look forward to spending many more years with you, making incredible long-lasting memories and happy moments.I love you always and forever,my soulmate.
e year and 6 months and im never letting go.
The United States contains 5% of the world's population, yet uses 24% of the world's energy.  On the other hand, the US produces 20% of the world's beer, but consumes only 12.8%.  So it's not like the US isn't sharing.
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