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I'm that person standing awkwardly standing in the corner
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Aggressive Butterfly *'s Favorite Quotes

I have wrestled with the angel and I am
stained with light and I have no shame.

Call me old fashioned, but I think holding hands is the most romantic

i can't get you out of my head. every interaction with you sends a rush of warmth to my cheeks. when you smile at me, it's the best feeling.  i like it a lot. i still like you a lot.

i think about you all the time
but I don’t need the same.

You can’t say, This is just a stage when it’s important to people what they’re feeling. Maybe he’ll outgrow it someday but right now it’s important.

                                                   —S.E. Hinton


God does not play dice with the universe.  He plays Russian roulette.
After forty years in an abusive relationship, I finally found the courage to tell myself to get the hell out of my life. 

Stop hurting me.

Ur love for me was fake. but ehh so were my moans🤷

And As I Fall Deeper
Into A World Of Madness
I Suddenly Realize
Im Just A Mad Hatter
Looking For His Alice.

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