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i love 1d but feel free to just press the ignore button if you dont like them. no hate. this is an awesome site.

soooo...I have gone through some stuff and so maybe, just maybe, I could be of help to and of you if ur going through similar stuff. Or....comment on @lostinmyself because she is AMAZING and she is helping me get through this rough period. She's also the only one from my school to know about Witty.

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hey idk if anyone's noticed, but i rarely go on witty anymore. follow me on my tumblr if you want:
Is it wrong that I get insanely jealous of cancer people cuz their idols actually go to the hospitals and meet them and say that theyre brave and strong? Why should i be overlooked just because i dont "look sick" whatever the frick that means? just because im suffering at home and doing my IVs myself because insurance wont pay for MY disease, i dont get any credit for being sick. i have been fighting this disease for seven years, and not once have i gotten any special oppurtunities because of it. im not seen as a fighter. im seen as a girl who lies in bed too much. people say: "maybe shes lazy" and maybe i am, but its only because I FEEL LIKE CRAP 90% OF THE TIME; LIKE I CONSTANTLY I HAVE THE FRICKIN FLU. i just want some honor,some badge that the cancer kids get. no one writes fanfics about based off of the girl with lyme disease! they only write about the girl with cancer. sry i just needed to rant. comfort would be helpful. (or a oneshot about niall and the girl with lyme disease...?)
Marriage is a civil right, so if America is as secular as the constitution says, gay marriage being legal shouldn't be a law with religious issues. I think it's a no brainier that the country should allow gay marriage as a civil right, the churches and mosques and synagogues can deal with the religious side of marriage themselves. Also, keep in mind that the Church of England was created specifically to let a guy get divorced... So obviously Christians don't hold marriage to be as "sacred" as they say...
Death is but to cease to be the same
There's plenty of men to die, don't jump your turn
And they asked me: "What is it that lies behind the stars?"
I want to run til my feet don't touch the ground
I'm running 'cause I can't fly
Even heroes have the right to bleed
I know my call despite my faults and despite my growing fears
Fight like you've never lost

i need to talk to someone who knows about sexuality and gender oriention an stuff. any takers?
could be
falling in
love with
Death is but to cease to be the same...
Some girl: *buys one cat*
Some girl: *buys 68 more cats*

Me: *allergic to cats*

Some girl: *buys one dog*
Some girl: *buys 68 more dogs*

Me: *allergic to dogs*

Some girl: *buys one hamster/bunny*
Some girl: *buys 68 more hamsters/bunnies

Me: *allergic to hamsters/bunnies*
Me: *buys one fish*
Me: *buys bigger tank and 8 more fish*
Me: *buys wall-size tank and 10 more fish*
Me: *buys aquarium and 40 more fish*
Me: Finally!