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Quotes by carlislecullensdreamdaughter


when  my cat  sends mixed signals

by   purring  while   simultaneously  c lawing   its   way

out   of   my   arm



If there was nothing wrong
Then there'd be nothing right.


But  Keep Going Because There's Gonna Be One Person That Does Care About You
-Shane Dawson



I didn't choose 
 the lonely life
My inability to react normally in social situations,
 chose it for me

I Can Feel the Darkness Coming
And I'm Afraid of Myself

Hurts - help


Take My Hand and lead

the Way,

 out of darkness  


into  the  light  of  the  day

hurts  -     help



-I Hate Everything About You-
-We Are Complete Opposites-
-You Are Everything I Never Want-
- But I Can't Get You Out of My Head-
-& it Makes Me Furious-



       so am I,

So Lets FinOur Way,



In This Sea of Scars
the First Cut is the

Hurts - Only You
My lack of self-esteem
gets in the way of so much