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hello lovley(:
i'm carly(: i'm fourteen years young and im loving lifeee<3 i have some amazing best friends, (CastNoShadow, Nightofyourlife, perfectlyme, and keelster,) who have amazing quotes to i suggest you go look at their pages(; my passion is dancing, and im a ballerina. i get made fun of that sometimes but i get over it. to all of you ballerina's out there; your beautiful and dont let anyone tell you differently<3 my secondary sport is basketball, which i also lovee(: i have three younger siblings, and those kids are my life. i would do absoultley anyting for them. most of the time im home with them, but i dont mindd<3 i absolutley love music(: im madly in love with one directionn. those boys are legit my everything<3 my life long dream is to graduate college in florida, get more than one masters, and become a teacher for either young kids or kids with disabilities. my rolemodel and inspiration is my grandmother<3 i love her to death, and she's always there for me no matter whattt. she's always there to give me advice and listens to my everyday problems. i would be nothing without her. i've never met anyone that i can completley relate too.. but thats okay i get by. i've been through quite alot, and not one person knows every aspect of my life. i have my secrets. i've learned my lessons and have learned to deal with what is. well, thats just about it. so, enjoy. i love meeting new people.  drop a comment..i don't bite(:

   Hey there this is carly's best friend Alyssa. I love this girl to death, she's my inspiration(: Carly is always there for me when I need her and she is my only friend :D She is funny, smart, and absolutely gorgeous. She's a pretty cool kid. I like cereal. And I am the supreme ruler of everything so ha :P. Alright see yah(: PEACEOUT BROSKI. <3

Quotes by carlyobarleyoxoxo

If there ever comes a day,
when we can't be together,
keep me in your heart,
because i'll stay there forever.

-winnie the pooh

and whoever thought forever could be severed.


a strange fear of spoons...


fake [feyk]  verb, adjective

1. 99.9% of the people in my school.


You were given this life because your strong enough to live in it.
Chin up beautiful. (:

That awkward moment when

YOUR mom posts more on facebook than you do....


b*tchy girls,
are kinda like slinky's.
there usless,
but fun to push down the stairs.



i could fly.
and thats why in this life

i dance.

-dance accedemy
So, is witty gonna change colors regularly now?

i kinda like it. (:

Sometimes   not   getting   what   you   want
                      is a blessing in disguise.