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I don't feel like saying much, so I'll just state the necessary. Sarah. 13 yrs old. 7th grade. Flute Violin and Fife I play. Became a woman (according to jewish tradition) April 22nd, 2012. Blow out candles May 31st. My role model on here is Jayciecutie01 and so is Marissa123. My two bestis are Legit7 and inspiredpickle. Go follow them. NOW.

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Quotes by carnivore7

If I tell you I'm ok, 
I'm lying.

If I tell you It's fine,
I'm lying.

If I tell you I don't care,
I'm lying.

There's no point in telling you anyway.
My friend (8th grade) was walking through the seventh grade hallway today. This is what happened.

Kim: *walking and going to class*
Random 7th grade bastards: *shoves kim into lockers* Don't come up here again, you 6th grade punk!
Kim: Woah woah woah, I am in 8TH GRADE
Random 7th grade bastardsOh, ok. You can come. Sorry!
Kim: That's right, peasants! *Walks away in victory and gives them the finger*
Random 7th grade bastards*in shock*
Me: *dying on the floor laughing*

I was your bff
We drifted away
I start to miss you
yet you're becoming part of a family with sharks.
Come home to swim in the reef.
Come swim with your real family.
We'll always love you
and we'll never abandon you.
Never again.

Me: Want Do you want my carrots?
My firend: Nah
Me: No, you don't understand. I don't WANT my carrots!

*true story*



My Dad: Want toast?
Me: No thanks
My dad: Good, cause we don't have any bread.

*true story*



You had a tough day?


Sorry sweetie. I just found out that my crush since fifth grade does not like me. He hates me, in fact. I'm sorry you lost your phone for an hour. I'm sorry that your boyfriend of two days dumped you. But me? I'm just sitting here, with my fake simle plastered onto my face for another day, just to come home and bawl my eyes out. So I'm sorry that your short term loves haven't turned out. Don't ask me how I feel. I'm just one of those emotionless robots that feel nothing. 


I have more important problems than you.


If there was a fire in your home and you could only take one thing out of the house with you, 
What would you take?


MY version of What

makes You Beautiful

I'm  not insecure,
and I know what for.

I don't ned to turn heads when I walk through the do-o-or
No need for makeup, to coverup.
Because I know what I am is eno-o-ough

I can already see it,
I do-o-on't care what you thi-ink

Bullies, I light up my life unli-ike you-oo-oo

The way that I walk away makes you overwhelmed
And when you pout at th ground I don't feel so bad
You don't kno-o-ow,

I'm what makes me beautiful.


me:Is there food on my face?
Friends: No.
Best Friends: EVERYWHERE!
MY friends: *smushes food in my face* Now you do!


                                Magazine: How you know he's into you! BLAH BLAH BLAH
                                me: what happens if my crush is popular and I'm not?
                                Magazine: what
                                me: what