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hey there!  im caroline! and im 13 years old. i"m the one in the front & right of my picture(: next to me is one of my best friends, meredith! and that's ma litttle bro conor<3  
my friends &+ family are the reason i live <3  im reallly friendlly & love meeting new people.  if you wannna talk just comment or whatever(; lol! i also love to have fun and laugh a lot, L0L.  music helps me through everything and my some of my favorite artists are taylor swift, nicki minaj, justin bieber and more(:

you know my name, not my story so don't judge(: - Profile Counters

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i hate when people think they're too cool to answer your texts 



The awkward
moment whe

you realize you make a typo in your quote or profile right after you publish it





The awkward
moment whe

you call your teacher, mom(:



Love is like a rubber band.
we keep pulling,
someone let's go,
and it hurts

the one who held on. 


smiles are like bandaids
they cover up the pain but they still hurt .



What's Minnie

Without Mickey,

What's Tigger

Without Pooh,

What's  SpongeBob

Without Patrick,

What's Me

Without You.

not my format(:


i wish for H.I.M


 Random Fact #2:

The average person spends at least three years on the toilet.   



 Random Fact #1:

M o r e   t h a n   10   p e o p l e   a   y e a r   d i e   f r o m   v e n d i n g   m a c h i n e s