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about me.
to start off, my name is sam. im fifteen years old & a freshman. i absolutely love one direction and i am completely in love with harry. but dont worry, i love all the boys. not just him. oh, btw: he's my future husband (: i am a shy girl until you get to know me. i love laughing and making people laugh. my best friend is casiraexo. as i said, i love one direction and their music but i also love: mac miller, kid cudi, wiz khalifa, chris webby, kanye west, akon, taylor swift, TDF, the script, rihanna, snow patrol, demi lovato, selena gomez, miley cyrus, bruno mars, nicki minaj, chiddy bang, chris brown & justin bieber.  don't worry, i am not a belieber. i just like his music. but back to me. im just your average teenager. i love music, i love my friends. im ugly, especially in pictures. i love to write, not that im any good. and i love to sing, again, i am not good. at all. im single, obviously. my life sucks. but thanks for reading, if you did, iloveyou.

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I hate going to bed, 
knowing you'll be sick 

>> in the morning. <<

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Kenny Wormald
in Footloose is freaking gorgeous.

Drama, lies, and tears.
cheers to the teenage years. ♥


She Wants A Gentleman


Son: Mom, what's a girlfriend?
Mom: If you're a good boy, you'll get one when you're older.
Son: What if I'm not a good boy?
Mom: You'll get many.

*Childhood Memories*
Talking about your crush:
Do you like him, or do you
Like-Like him?<<


if a hug represented how much
i love you,

i would hold you in my arms
f o r e v e r .