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Casandramayy!. <3
-Michael David. :), this boy is the reason for my smile. :) <3 May, 11, 2011 </3 I miss you , we will be together again someday ! :)
-My life is fucked up, confusing, && to much to deal with
-I'm 16.
-I'm bisexual
-I have two sisters, && a nephew.
-I'm homeschooled, so my life is boring. :p
-I'm always up for a nice conversation.
-Love country music. (Music is my drug)
-I've been fucked over one to many times to give a fuck anymore.
-The only people I have are my sister and my boy. :)
-I loooooovveee quotes. <3
-Comment; I'll comment backk. Follow; I'll follow back. :)


Quotes by casandramayy13

I can't stand feeling so alone anymore </3 Its really killing me !

"Hey, young homie what you tripping on
Looking at life, like how did I get it wrong,
Life’s too short, gotta live it long,
To my brothers and sisters when will we get along,
Hey, big homie what "


Chris Rene<3

Favorite if your bi. :)

December 12th.
      Who else?

Boredd. some one should comment on my pagge. :)

this is an amazing survey:

1. Would you rather be called baby or babe?
both but i like baby a bit more. :)

2. Would you rather be doing this survey or watching television?

3. How are you feeling today?


4. What is on your bed right now?
blankets , pillows , my dog , and my nephew.

5. What are you looking forward to?
summmmerr. :)

6. Do you miss anyone?
my boyfriend. :p

7. Where is he or she?

his house

9. When will you smile?

when i feel the need too.

10. Did you see anyone you knew last Friday night?

11. What are your plans for Saturday night?
i dont know.

12. Do you have classes tomorrow?


13. What other windows do you have open besides this one?

14. What are you going to eat for supper?
its past that time.

15. What is your favorite dinner?


16. Do you knock or ring the doorbell when you go over to a friend's house?

17. Do you love compliments?
yeah but i dont agree with themm

21. Do you believe in yourself?

ehh, not exactly

22. How many times have you showered this week
hmm like 3 times.

23. Do you have a daily planner? If so, do you keep up with it?

24. Who was the last person you talked to?