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heyy to whoever feels like reading this my names emily and that's what everyone calls me that :) i am totally interested in sign language, singing, MARCHING BAND, and swimming. if you have any questions feel free to ask :)
-Emily <3
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Idk my relationship with my siblings is always either “yo I’ll help you hide the body” or “do not even breathe in my direction” there is no in between.
"id date a fan"

doesnt mean

"id date a 12 year old who knows more about

me than i do"
School dress code is dumb. We can't show our shoulders??? What guy is gonna look at a girl and be like "Dang, that's a FINE shoulder."?

My best guy friend & I kissed last night.

 It kind of just happened.

I was sitting with him on a park bench , waiting for his ride. suddenly , he stared into my eyes, pulled me close to him, and told me he's madly in love with me. that he's always loved me. that he doesntcare if i dont love him back , cause he'll wait for me forever. then , he got off the bench , lifted me up, & kissed me. I actually learned what it felt like to have 'sparks fly'. Then , he sat me back down , & he started playing with my hair & fingers. Since that was one of the first times he looked right into my eyes, i asked him why he always looks down when he talks to me. he said my eyes make him weak. He addmitted everything. he said chills run up and down his spine when i touch him , he has constantbutterflies when hes with me , he has dreams about me every night , & no matter what he does im on his mind 24/7.  He went on for about 20 mintues until his ride showed up . when he was leaving , he kissed my forehead & said ' i love you.'

my stomach fluttered & i realized i loved him too. I told him , & he smiled for ear to ear. his eyes teared up , & he gave me the best hug anyones ever given me. He called me when he got home , & we talked until 5 A.M. (when i fell asleep on him) even though he had football practice at 9 A.M. 

 so , witty girls , just remember...

Love comes when you least expect  it  


i was in a hospital today and i saw this cute boy with a cast on his leg and my first thought was
hey this one can't run away

Today was my school talent show.

Me, being myself - decided to sing "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato. I did my thing, I sang. And, at the end - people were in tears and I got a standing ovation. I have never felt so good about myself. The dean went to take the microphone away, but I asked if I could say something to my peers. He allowed me. That's when my heart poured out.. "Thank you all, really. Now, I have something to say." After that, it became dead silent. "You're clapping for me now, right? Weren't half of you guys the people who said I was 'fat' yesterday? Yeah. Little do you know, I can't keep my food down because of those things you say. I can go days without eating. I hope you know that." Then, I had to stop because some girls were laughing. I walked up to them and pulled up my bracelets. "Hey, Bri. Look. Look at what YOU caused. Yes, YOU. You practically put these scars on my wrist. Because of people like you, people turn into people like me. Can I just ask why? Why do you do this to me and so many others?" Her answer was this; "Well, Nicole. I do it because people are losers, a lot like you." And at that, I had enough. What did I say? I said, "Bri, I'm done. I'm done with you. So is everyone else. YOU NEED TO STOP. I'm sick of you. If you don't stop soon, something WILL happen. It may happen to me. Or to you. Or to that girl over there. Just, STOP. Ok? Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground. Like a skyscraper." I turned around and walked away. I wasn't finished though. I turned back around to face my peers and said, "I thought suicide was the answer. But, I KNOW it's not. Don't try it, guys. You hurt yourself, you hurt your family. And it hurts your friends. Please. Talk to me if you need anything." People clapped so loud, my ears were about to bust. But, WAIT. I'm not done yet... This really popular guy, Mike, came up to the front. He took the microphone and said, "Nicole.. Thank you for giving me the courage to do this." No one knew what was coming, but what he said shocked so many people. "Bri, we're through." I have never laughed harder in my life. Best day ever? I think YES. 

my brother yelled “HOLLA” at me and he was like “you’re supposed to say holla back” and I immediately replied “I ain’t no holla back girl” and it’s an hour later and I’m still laughing

i think i've finally found someone as socially awkward as i am

me: brb i need to have a shower

him: okay have fun
him: wait
him: no that made me sound so creepy i'm sorry
him: i just meant enjoy yoursel- jesus christ.
him: omg i'm rambling and creepy i'm so sorry i'll just light myself on fire or somethingi


*Timeline of my life from birth to now*
Age 0-8: No friends.
Age 8: Webkinz friends.
Age 9: Club Penguin friends.
Age 10: Poptropica friends.
Age 11: Stardoll Friends.
Age 12: *Fail attempt at actual social life*
Age 13:  Witty Profiles friends.
Age 14: Witty Profiles friends.
Rest of life: Witty Profiles friends.

You hear a noise.
It's a soft clink followed by footsteps in your yard. You spring to your feet, and race to the door. Flinging it open wide, you race to your backyard. There, you see one thing, and one thing only: a spilled milkshake. Happy tears fill your eyes as you gingerly pick up the milkshake. The wind blows your hair back as you stare off into the sunset and whisper softly to yourself: The boys were here.