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Plot twist: no one was ever personally victimized by Regina George
one day i went to school and my teacher pulled out 10 bananas. she ended up eating nine. i ate a banana that day.


i was driving home
and saw him walking down my street.
I told my mom to pull over.
i got out of the car,
ran over to him,
and kissed him in the rain.
Best . Day . Of . My . Life .

i was driving home
and saw him
turn down street,
3 streets away

so today my friend
was having a text
conversation with
her boyfriend 
about who was
the sweetest
and this
is what happened



well you're the sweetest
in my book! <3


well your book's
not a best seller! <3

You know you're in love
when you can't fall asleep
because reality
is finally better
than your dreams.

we will be together forever

we will be together for never




on a scale of 1 to Rebecca Black.........

how horrible is she?


searching Witty
 for a Facebook status


girls are like erasers........

they get

until there's nothing left