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During Gym Today...
A Senior: Lmao, you can't even throw a football. You suck.
*Directed towards my male friend.*
My Friend: *Laughs*  Well at least this is not my second year of being a senior.
Senior: That has nothing to do with football...
My Friend: Yeah, but I am smart enough to graduate high school. I'll be in college while you're still sitting in class throwing a ball.


This quote does not exist.


My teacher (who is like so freaking amazing)

Teacher: I want you all to complete this assignment
Some guy: Oh f*ck you!
Tecaher: I would but see, I'm hetrosexual.


Friends: Wanna come over sometime?
Best friends: K so you haven't been to our house in like, a month. WTF.

Friends: Oh, you're hungry? Me too, I'll make us something.
Best friends: Oh, you're hungry? Well, then, get food, dumb@ss, you know where it is.

Friends: Waves when you see them in cafeteria
Best friends: Jumps you while you're waiting in the lunch line, scaring the sh*t out of you.

Friends: Want some of this food? I don't want it.
Best friends: I have turkey, I don't want it. Here *throws at face*

Friends: *Has normal conversation*
Best friends: *Has legitimate conversation about something using nothing but 'Nyeh" and gesturing

Friends: Remember that time when we went to the park? That was fun.
Best friends: Remember when you were drinking a shake and walked into a pole? That was funny.

 Hey, do me a favor?

          Press the 
♥ button,

                Then press ctrl W,
             and laugh.

not my format.

Teacher: Every one get a Dictionary from my desk.
Girl: Where do we get the Dictionaries?
Teacher: *Points at me* Tell her where to get the books.
Me: *points at teachers desk* up there.
Girl: So we have to get them from your desk?
Teacher: Yes, and while you have that Dictionary, look up the word stupidity.
Girl: Why, what does that mean?
Teacher: You will find your name.
Girl: Really? OMG! I'll look in it right now.

Hey, this says the state of being stupid..
Teacher: Oh, Im sorry, was I mistaken?
Class: *In Unison* No I think you were right
Girl: I still don't understand why you lied about me being in there..that was mean.
I didn't use her real name because I'm not sure if she has a Witty, But this is a true story and it happened on Friday♥
Format Credit to Dukey95(:
Oh, Please...

Spongebob wore striped sweaters WAY before Louis Tomlinson.

That annoying moment when you read a top quote and it's the exact same quote that you wrote but it didnt get many favs   -_-