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I hate my last name, love Cayla Nicole.

I love my dog and I would die for him.

Love the smell of mango, anything mango smelling I’ll buy.

Secretly knows more about love than most.

Hopless romantic would be me.

Don’t really like roller coasters.

Love the name Dylan Grace for a girl.

Love mushy stuff like things that happen in movies (The Notebook, Nights in Rodanthe, anything Nicholas Sparks.)

Nicholas Sparks and Taylor Swift are my inspiration and they inspire me everyday.

I love watermelon and I think it looks pretty, I know that’s strange.

My camera is probably my favorite thing ever, love taking pictures, hate being in them.

I read a lot and I love reading books that make me cry.

I have an addiction to watermelon sourpatch.

My favorite holiday by far is Christmas because it’s just pretty, not the presents.

I’ve always wished for a guy to do someone incredibly cute, like in the movies.

I don’t like being lied to and don’t take shit from anyone, because I used to all the time.

I hate a lot of things like feet, cabinets being open, glitter, knees, and feathers.

The only thing I truly like about how I look is the color of my eyes.

I couldn’t get by without the help of my friends.

I hate my mom sometimes, but I still tell her more than most people would tell their moms.

My dad is the best and he’s probably the strangest person ever.

My brother is just strange, but I still tell him everything.

Common sense is something I’m proud to say I have.

I love parties and I wish I partied everyday to be honest.

I want a tattoo so badly, on my wrist.

I have an industrial piercing and I absolutely love it.

More than anything, I hate actually showing people how I feel, makes me feel weak.

I think of every possible thing that can go wrong in situations.

I am definitely most happy when it rains!

Unfortunately I cry all the time, but not in front of people, by myself.

Love animals, dolphins have been my favorite since I was like four.

I love white grape juice, vitamin water, and iced tea.

Ghosts scare me more than anything.

Hate when people pretend to be stupid or they’re fake.

I’ve always wanted to live in North or South Carolina, New Jersey is too busy for me.

My dream house has always been near water with a big wrap around porch.

I do not care what anyone thinks of me, I’m gonna do me. - Profile Counters <3 Profile Counters

Quotes by cayla242424

i know i need to stop
but i don't know how..

yes i'm a teenage girl
and i make mistakes

be the risk i want to take

haven't made quotes in sooo long !

witty bestfriend ?
someone that will never judge you, but you can talk too all the time

all i need is to keep him off my mind

how did something once so 
become so awkward ?

thawkward moment
when your ex knows your witty


i can go anywhere

but i'm always thinking of you and how things used to be
and i'm smiling but inside i'm dying


every time i think i'm over you

i realize i'm not