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Quotes by cell17

Girls only say "I hate you" to the guys that they love .
B/tch Dont

Kill My


- Kendrick Lamar

F/uck a Fake Friend, where your

real friends at?

- Drake
Life is a B/itch,

A B/itch is Like a H/oe

H/oes want the money,

money comes and goes.
       Love Is Just A Word
   But You Bring It Definition. <3

- Eminem

 R.I.P. HeadPhone Pair

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Im Only A Morning Person On

December 25th

As we grow up:

Your Bestfriend becomes your worst enemy

lollipops turn into blunts

innocent ones turn into sl*ts

homework goes in the trash

cellphones are being used in class

timeout becomes suspension

soda becomes vodka

kisses turn into s*x

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  I Only Pray You'll Never Leave Me Behind Because Good Music Can Be So Hard To Find.