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Quotes by celticchlo

have you ever realized that we:
love the ones that hurt us
hurt the ones that love us
help the ones that hate us
hate the ones that help us?
do you no why boys dont use tampons? cuz they would go around and brag about their size tampons.

lazy with color. fav if you think this is true.
a broken heart is like a wound. it heals over time but you still have that scar to remember it by.</3333333
today my best friend and i were fighting over who had the best boyfriend. in the middle of it mine called and i put him on speaker. well he broke up with me on speaker. guess we no who won that fight.

fav. this if you like.

friends ask why you r crying............

best friends already have a shovel in hand ready to burry the loser that made you cry.

sry if this is alredy on there saw it on a shirt

you no he prolly does this to all his girlfriends.makes them wonder what they did.but the real problem is him.how he hurts us but we come back to him.ya its not just you.honey he got all of us.