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heyy peopleess i write quotes when bored and they are bassically about me and my friends and our problems sooo yeahh comments im 4 requests =]]


Quotes by cfsmiley23

Forget about him baby
if he doesnt care about you

When your upset && all alone
We All Have Taylor Swift
to get us through it all.

I thought you said it was easy
Listenin' to your heart

I thought you said I'd be ok
So why am I breaking apart?

Ever Just Think I'm Trying to Hide Something
kissing test
1.hold you breath add a quote
3.copy and past this quote
4.good now ,if you did it without breathing you are a good kisser or your comuter is fast
Life Is About Trusting Our Feelings And
Taking Chances, Losing and Finding
Happiness, Appriceacting the Memories,
and Learning From The Past.
  And Just Maybe...
  I miss the past so much, I don't
---------< Remember how to leave it>---------
soryy its just exactly how i feel</3
you yell at my constantly,
you think i am overly annoying,
but what you dont know is...
is that while your worried about
me being annoying im worried
about having tumors,
while you hate me for no reason
you have no idea that the reason im
always happy and peppy is the only way
[{to keep me from crying}]
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