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heyy peopleess i write quotes when bored and they are bassically about me and my friends and our problems sooo yeahh comments im 4 requests =]]


Quotes by cfsmiley23

you calm me down
you make them shut up
you make sure im okay

i stick up for you
i try and make it not ovious i like you
my friends are tired of hearing about you

but ...i cant stop thinking about you
i've been hurt for so long i havent been able to really like anyone
then i met started to talk to you,
then we started to be friends,
then i started to trust you,
then i was able to count on you,
now i just love you<3

And we know its never simple never easy for a    
         cleanbreak no one here to save me             
&& its time likes these
when i think of him
&& wonder if hes ever thinking of me

&& she fell for the last time
all her life shes been diffrent
shes been the one who stands out
for all the wrong reasons.. but not anymore
for once in her life shes not guna listen to them
because either way their going to talk
so why not give them wat they want to talk about

I know how to hate her
and how to make her my best friend

--the hills♥
sometimes i wish this never happened,
i wish i never met you,
i wish i could lyk other people,
i wish that even know i dnt lyk u anymoe we could be friends
and most of all i wish i had you back
becasue no matter how much we fite
i no tht eventully we always make up
sometimes the pain is gentile and i can ignor it,
sometimes the pin is strong and i cant get up,
sometimes i cry just waiting to die,
and sometimes im okay,
with pain you nver no what day will but go...
and what day will be bad
just gotta know that once you've had a few bad ones,
theres a good one coming your way
even no most days you just wanta forget about everything

that she cryed herself to sleep
this time she didnt tell anyone
this time she kept something to herself
she lies there saying i dnt want to die
not knowing if she'll wake the next morning
when i die please know i did all i could and know
i didnt want it to end this way...óż
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