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People who think its funny to joke about HIV
It's weird how a Human immundeficiency Virus becomes something to joke about or insult people over. HIV is a virus that is most commonly caught through unprotected intercourse  or by sharing infected needles and other injecting equiptment to inject drugs. I don't see how that's a joke.

HIV should be a medical condition not a joke. If you are atleast going to joke about HIV (which you really shouldn't!) You should know how it feels to actually have HIV. Having it attack your ammune system and make you weaker against infections and diseases. Did you know that AIDS is the final stage of HIV. When your body can no longer fight. By joking about HIV you are also joking about AIDS..

By joking about HIV and not even knowing what HIV is or feels like you are not really extending your verbal battle knowledge to a extent you should with morality.

You can't judge HIV from Immediatly looking at people as well. "OH SHE HAS HIV" "OH HE HAS HIV" HIV is not a joke is a life threatening medical condition. I don't have HIV. I probably won't get it either but you never know. All I am sayign is people who joke about such things need to grow up.

Not only people who have unprotected intercourse have HIV did you know that? You can get it during pregnacy, child birth and breast feeding? Occupational Exposer? Blood tranfusions with infected blood or donated from infected owner? These people didn't ask for HIV.You are so sad to make fun of people by saying they have HIV.

Please Never Joke about HIV.
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I love her.
Question to discuss:
What would you do so you dont get bullied you are 12

Stranger: i am not 12

You: im not 12

Stranger: and i dont get bullied

You: dont give away all your pokemon cards at once

Stranger: lol

You: you need them to survive

Stranger: if you have a pikachu, Dont let it evolve

You: ONIX all the way

Stranger: itll be your best friend

You: it always has been

You: who needs misty when you have pikachu?

Stranger: o.O

You: ash

Stranger: Nothing can beat my golden Charmander :3

You: Hahahah how old are you wild one

Stranger: about te become 16 :/

You: currently 15

Stranger: yup

You: mwahaha bye

Stranger: bye ...

Suggest a song please<3 
I like bands like MCR, BVB, Bullet For My Valentine, Sleeping with sirens, Pierce the veil etc.
friends come and go then come again then go again then come again then go again then backstab then spread poo around. then try to friend you again then they go again then they come back and say sorry you  never forgive and they find new friends. better friends.  but not as good as you. you would of stayed till death. 
sitting in the toilets feeling like a creep
you are   my world
my universe
My multiverse

but i guess to you i was just little like pluto.  You know how smart people (NASA) said pluto wasn't a planet because it was too small thats how your mates decided i couldnt go out with you because im 'too small in beauty'.

'too small in beauty' basically means thay thought I wasnt pretty enough for him. 

Who exactly are they to judge me whichout judging themselfs. 

Lets prove them wrong. 


 forgive your past
But don't forget it.


Never Blame anyone in life.
The Good people give happiness.
The Bad people give experiences.
The worst people give Lessons.
The best People give Memories.