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I don't come on here often because it's a waste of time. 
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Quotes by chantellelouise

First time I've been on here in over 2 years and everything has changed so much. I don't even know how to use this site anymore haha. Looking back at my old quotes is bringing back so many memories, and it's making me feel all sorts of things that I don't want to feel.
I had so many friends on here as well, where did you all go?! I wonder if they're all happy now. It'd be nice if they were :-)
I haven't been on here in a whole year, I can't evenlol remember how to use this site. 

Every ridge, every bump, every cut, very scar
just a daily reminder of how weak and worthless you are
It's the only way out though and we all know it's true,
no one will understand what it's like to be you
To be feeling so sick of living each day,
To be trying your hardest to fight it all away
but it's not going anywhere because it's stuck in your mind
Alone in your room is the only place to hide
but that's when the voice start to torture you
they won't leave you alone,
you can't block them out
and he appears out of no where
and stares
Stares until you're scared to move
you're not sure what he's going to do
you're not sure what he's capable of; you could end up dead
but no one will believe you though because
"it's all inside your head"
I haven't been on here since July and no one even noticed.. shows how much I'm cared about, doesn't it?
you + me = perfect
"knock knock"
"who's there?"
"Britney Spears"
"Britney Spears who?"
"knock knock"
"who's there?"
"oops I did it again"
So I failed my one month without cutting.
I'm sorry.

I'm starting the butterfly project again tomorrow though, and I'm going to keep it alive this time.
Wish me luck!

 I hate it when
people joke about cutting and killing themselves. It's not a joke. It's not funny.
If you joke about it you're sick in the head and basically I hate you.

One month today

without cutting.


                       you see, the thing is I love you. I've loved you for a long time but I'm afraid. I'm afraid of what you'll think. I'm afraid of what you'll say. I'm afraid of what everyone else will say. But most of all I'm afraid that you don't feel the same way and I'll make a fool out of myself by telling you how I really feel. 
I don't know if what you've been saying to me recently has been true, or if you're just saying it to make me feel better about myself. I don't know if the signs you've been showing towards me are just because we're close friends. I don't if when you're saying 'I love you' to me you actually mean it, or if you're just being friendly. I don't know how you'd react if I told you I was serious when I say that 'I love you too'. 
I'd love to see inside your mind so I could tell your real feelings for me without having to ask you, I'd love for you to say that you love me for real and I'd love for you to be mine. I'd love for us to cuddle up and watch films. I'd love for us to kiss in the rain. I'd love for us to walk along the beach, hand-in-hand, and watch the sunset. I'd love for us to be together, forever.
But none of this will ever happen though.  
And it kills me to say that we're just friends.