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sexy LIL nikki umm idk what to say other than i really love writing poems, mostly on love or on heartbreaks so if u need one im me_ alexinachic4eva_ hillary ur the best, i love you so much ur my best friend EVER! tyler- ive never met ne one like you.. u can talk to me n i kno that i can tell u ne thing im soo glad that ur like that ttyl babe IM OUT LOTS OF LOVE

Quotes by chappygoob

love is growin [[o*l*d]] with someone and .:sharin ur teeth:. with them =D

lmfao joe thats us lol
love never is what it is in the movies
at least one person in the relationship
doesnt have the bravery to keep the
relationship alive
at least one person in the relationship
does not have the courage to risk
everything for that one person.. to put
it all on the line when they are about to loose them
im not sayin i'll always be there
but im here right now
im not saying i'll always care for u
but i do right now
the only thing i can promise you
is that i'll love you forever <3
ever since you went away, i cant feel anymore
that day you took my heart with you and i dont
know whats real or not...its better to feel the pain
that not feel anything at all </3
sometimes i just wish that i could
fly away to a far off place where you
would be waiting for me under the stars
with a blanket and some hot chocolate
and we could just lay there for eternity
no problems, worries, or regrets..
you never kno how much somone means to you.. until there finally gone...

R>I>P amy.. i kno that your life was hard n all... but member all those times that we chilled lol...on the trampoline and everything.. jeeze babe..i really miss you

never take any one for advantage bc you never kno, they might fly awat b4 you get the chance to let them know how much you love them <3 amy
if you had to choose to love someone that would never love you, or hurt someone that loved you to death, which one would you pick?

some ppl say that you just have to stop caring.. but what if u just cant.. there more to life than one boyfriend after the next..some people are just meant to be.. but the whole point about love is seeing beyond all the fights,lies,heartbreaks,and suffering and know that you love them and that you would never give up on them

i love you till my very last b*r*e*a*t*h
You NEVER see the h*a*r*d days in a [[photo album]]... but those are the OnES that gEt you from one happy s*n*a*p*s*h*o* t to the next.{xox}
im sry that i broke ur heart... but cant you
see.. its something i had to do so that i wouldnt
lose you foever in the end
everyone keeps telling me that i'll find the love
of my life.. but dont they see, ive already found
him, im just to afriad to lose him