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Heyy!! My soccer team is so BEAST mann!! If you get in our will end up in a hospital!! Go Logan Charge!!! me

Quotes by chargebabe30

Nobody's Perfect
-Hannah Montana
the beating of my heart tells a story,
listen carefully.
You got it dude!
- Full House
Build a bridge and get over it!
- Miley Cyrus
Are you a library book..........cause i'm checkin you out!
When your mom says if your friend jumped off a bridge would you? You say no, i'd be the one who came up with the idea!!!!
|o|           |
| |your're    |
| |the one    |
|o| that makes|
| | me draw   |
| |dumb hearts|
| | all over  |
|o|   my paper|
| | x33       |
| | i love you|
|o|           |

If gossip was alchohal..........our school would be wasted!!!!
If you can achive!!!!
By this time....I will be having the time of my life while you are sitting here reading this message.