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I love music! I listen to a variety of things from Eminem, MGK, Shinedown, Puddle of Mudd, Panic at The Disco, to things like Taylor Swift, Merle Haggard, and Gretchen Wilson. 
I do a lot of writing, mostly poems, I am hoping to share them with everyone and I am hoping that people like them.
I have a blog that I created and put a lot into.
You should definitely check it out!!
I am very talkative and very opinionated. I enjoy having debates and discussing all things about life and people and random things too! 
I recently had a different account but I forgot the username on it so I created this one!
Let me know how you feel about my posts and my atitude on things! 
I take criticism very well.

My favorites:
Color: Orange
Food: Spaghetti
Drink: Cream Soda
Movie: The Brave Little Toaster
Lucky Number: 21
Show: The Vampire Diaries
Book: To Kill A Mocking Bird

Okay thanks!!

Quotes by chasitia46

The Unknown
By: Chasitia

It causes fear
It brings curiousity
It makes you tremble
It creates panic
It frustrates you
It makes you believe
It shows threat
It beacons of dispear
It symbolizes evil
It helps you sweat
It sounds of madness
It bestows upon you weakness
It swirls with danger
But what is "IT"?

Nobody knows.
Lost Souls
By: Chasitia

They dance with fear
They have much pain
They stumble and fall
They carry blame
They're stuck here or there
They have nowhere to go
They tread this life
They try so hard
These souls are LOST
They have nowhere to go.
The Flower Garden
By: Chasitia

In the garden of fears
Where you have no tears
Storm clouds and rain appears
Cold and wet the blood smears

But darling don't be scared
If only someone cared
The garden grew and dared
Crowding as the skin teared

Skin ripped to shreds
Life hanging by threads
This your mind dreads
The secret of the flower beds

The garden of death
By the hands of flower breath