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hey i luv to go to the mall and just hang out with my friends i also luv to laugh and have a great time!!! all me quotes are from the heart i always thought quotes were so hard to make but then i fell i n love with this one person then they were so easy

Quotes by cheerchick2810

never be made at someone cuz u never know when they are going to go- well i was in aurlios on 11.3.06 when the car went throgh the window and some of my best friends got hurt one broke 2 bones in her leg other one mest up both her knees but thank god sooo much no one died
Him:what r u doin today
Her:nothin u
Him:yes u r
Her:lol what???
Him:ur hangin out with me ;)
Her: haha ok
T sail away with me
(T webdings)
i want a best friend that were alway be there for me i want one that wont ditch me for some1 else but who care wut i want..... no one
dose summer have to end...
and do we have to go back to school...
because once we step in the school...
drama just goin to pick up were we left it last year..
when i was up all night long all i could think about was u and bein with u and how happy i would be but i guss i should just face it ill never be ur everything ull just be mine
i couldnt go to sleep because i couldnt get u out of my miind
it starts with a smile and ends with a tear