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i refuse to sink
welcome to my panther party. in september of 2010, i stumbled across witty profiles. i don't even remember how i found this website, but ever since then, i've been addicted. but anyways, i sing, act, and play the piano. cheer is basically my life. i'm 14 & blow the candles out on march 11th. i'm a competitive cheerleader and i also cheer for my school. i don't have a witty bestfriend, so if you're looking for one, comment! i follow back!









Quotes by cheerfreakk

i'm deleting my school so i can focus on witty.

 i'm like 3376% sure that
  "and then they lived happily ever after"

 means they just went and got pizza.



 i got 99 problems 
  & money could solve at least 73 of them.




i feel like planton's marriage to his computer really forshadows my future.

it's just so hard to find a relationship in this economy.





 party rock is not in the house tonight,
  but i can take a message and let them know that you called..




 my laptop is hotter than me and
  that's a problem.



for halloween i'm going to be a teenager who sits on their computer on witty all day. 
oh wait.