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i lOve to ride jeKski'S and go to the ;lake and cheer and play basketball.and hang round with my great frineds!! :.i lOve yAll.:!!

Quotes by cheerleader

a .:REaL:. fRIEnd iS sOMEOne yOU can ¨gdrOP¨g on theIR hEAd.anD thEy ¨`lOVe¨` yOU juST aS )mUCH¨i.
<3'Z aUDy=>
:>i Am whO i :.waNNa.: bE<:
-reBa mCINtYrE-
Every light in the house is on,the back yard is bright as the crack of dawn,the front walk looks like run way lights,it's kinda like noon in the middle night.Every light in the house is on in case you ever do get tired of being gone...every light in the house is on.
<:hOpe yEw lIke iT:>
.:im me and tell me at
'':.iF eveRy wOrd i saiD>>wOuld maKe yOu LaUgh i'D taLk>>.fOreVEr.<<.:''
.:fuLL hOuse:.
Carrie Underwood Jesus take the Wheel

She was driving on a highway on her way to Cincinatti on a snow white Christmas Eve.Going home to see her momma and her daddy with the baby in the back seat.50 miles ago she was running low on faith and gasoline,it'd been a long hard winter.She had alot on her mind and she didnt pay attention she was going way to fast and before she knew it she was spinning on a thin black sheet of glass,she saw boulder lights flash before her eyes she didnt even have time yo cry she was so scared she threw her hands up in the air.
Jesus take the wheel,take it from my hands 'cuz I cant do this on my own.Im letting go so give me one more chance to save me from this road im on....Jesus take the wheel.

We can all learn so much from this song...<<i<3 it!>>
''Dont waist your time looking over your shoulder,cause thoes loves from the past ain't gettin' no closer''
jOe niCHOLs,-Nobody but Me-
''Were almost there and no where near it but all that matters is that were going.''
-Gilmore Girls-