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Francesca is my name, and yea i'm not the prettiest girl, but i don't mind. See i'm just like every other teenage girl, i was hurt pretty bad but this boy i thought i loved ..i know my heart will never be the same but you gotta move on right? well i love alex rodriguez, mac miller & justin bieber. I cheerlead, play lacrosse and snowboard. I'm really good with advice to comment if you need so talk;* love you all:)

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You played me for a rat looking freak? thats coooool.

i think guys cause all the drama between girls..

love late night talks 

with boyss, when everything comes out:) 




 being any kind of happy
 is better than being
miserable about someone
you can't have

-braking dawn,

weed got me

laughing like a 

damn hyena

Mac Miller

gotta let you know 

h e r e  i  go
go screw yourself.. 

i wanna be blown away,
i wanna be swept off my feet

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Fave for;
a compliment.♥;*


Falling in love is  the best

feeling in the world,

especially when your bestfriend is part of that experience 

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